Tonight’s Specials




Lentil Soup    11.

garnished with garlic croutons & sliced parmesan


Cal-A-Mar            16.

crispy baby calamari w hot pepper coulis dipping sauce


Shrimp Spring Roll         13.

wasabi- honey sauce & house cole slaw




Lamb Gyro    19.

homemade lamb gyro on warm pita with tzatziki & cucumber-tomato relish . w herbed house fries


Brisket Sandy       20.

house smoked beef brisket, bourbon bbq sauce, cole slaw & pickles on pretzel roll

served with sweet potato fries


Birria Tacos       19.

2 griddled corn tortillas stuffed with

pulled short rib & mozzarella

served with jasmine rice & bean puree


Shrimp Gumbo      27.

wild gulf shrimp braised in gumbo stew with andouille sausage, okra & peppers . served over rice

Cassoulet      28.

duck leg confit over braised white bean stew with garlic sausage, bacon, mirepoix & bread crumbs