Today’s Specials




Soup:  Black Bean Soup        12.

garnished with sour cream, red onion & cilantro


+ Pupusas            15.

handmade thick corn & cheese tortillas,

enchilada sauce, spicy vinegar slaw & pulled pork


Tulum Chips           16.

crispy flour tortilla chips with organic pulled chicken, monterey jack & feta, black beans, enchilada sauce

pico di gallo, shredded lettuce & sour cream





Alabama Sloppy Hammer         21.

slow braised pulled short rib of beef, gravy

& fontina on pressed ciabatta / served with sweet potato fries


Spicy Swordfish Tacos            24.

blackened swordfish on corn tortillas with pineapple salsa & chipotle aioli


+ Branzino       29.

pan crisped, sliced avocado, pico di gallo,

jasmine rice & sauteed baby spinach


Brisket          30.

house smoked & thinly sliced beef brisket,

bourbon bbq sauce, mac n cheese balls, greens beans