Tonight’s Specials




Soup: Lentil Soup    11.

garnished with grated parmesan & house croutons


Buffalo Chicken Sliders              12.

cheddar pull-a-part roll, spicy breaded organic chicken, gorgonzola & shredded lettuce


Chili Pierogis        12.

beef chili & cheese stuffed large dumplings,

caramelized onions, sour cream & chipotle aioli




Gordomaker: pulled pork edition   18.

in a flour tortilla w berkshire pulled pork,

jasmine rice, cheddar, black beans & pico di gallo

served with tortilla chips, hot sauce & sour cream


Shrimp Po’ Boy    21.

hoagie roll stuffed with blackened wild shrimp, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli & spiced fries / served with house slaw


Birthday Burger    22.

house ground organic beef patty, bbq- jalapeno jam, cheddar, crispy onions & pretzel bun / served with sweet potato fries


Lamb Meatloaf     26.

spicy tomato crust, mashed potatoes, green beans