Tonight’s Specials




Soup: Pasta Fagioli        14.

red kidney beans, tomato, mirepoix, & pasta

garnished with parmesan & house croutons


Chili Pierogis           13.

chili & cheese stuffed large dumplings,

caramelized onions, sour cream & chipotle aioli


Buffalo Chicken Sliders              14.

cheddar pull-a-part roll, spicy breaded chicken cutlet, gorgonzola & shredded lettuce




Cubano     21.

all natural raised berkshire pork, slow roasted & pulled, on ciabatta with swiss cheese, french ham, pickle chips & dijon mustard . served with house fries

Gordomaker: steak edition            19.

sliced steak in a flour tortilla w rice, black beans & pico di gallo baked with cheddar & hot sauce crust

served with tortilla chips, guacamole & sour cream


Striped Bass         30.

crispy chorizo, salmoriglio drizzle,

jasmine rice & sauteed baby spinach


Chicken Pot PIe       26.

organic pulled chicken, mushrooms & peas, mirepoix, creamy roux sauce & pastry crust